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The challenge for IT managers is to deliver an efficient and flexible yet structured printing environment. Sharp ensures all phases of printing are easy, both for IT managers and end-users. Sharp print drivers are seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Windows® OS and their popular applications such as Microsoft Office® for an excellent printing experience. Specific features are available through a user friendly interface that helps meet each user’s unique output requirements. Most Sharp drivers are Microsoft WHQL-certified to deliver the best printing results.

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Key Features

  • Simplified print settings and finishing selections to minimize user support
  • Color management options to meet each user’s color output needs
  • Print to document filing folders for convenient document retention and retrieval
  • Job retention to help reduce waste and protect information confidentiality via secured release with a PIN number
  • User authentication to ensure only authorized users can access the device
  • Watermark to help identify sensitive documents
  • Print and send documents at the same time when document is printed.
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