About our Owners
The Heart of our AtlasStar Team

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In 1999 this dynamic duo joined forces to protect the Hudson Valley from random paper jams, mystic error messages and general chaos in the copier industry. Armed with years of experience in fighting these battles they swore to bring peace and tranquility to the valley. 

Armed with sales brochures Gary brought happiness in the form of network copy machines that performed without fuss or muss and left a smile on many a business owner.   


Vice President

Ben, found his calling with a smudge of toner on his cheek and a twinkle in his eye. Wielding a screwdriver in one hand and a ham sandwich in the other, there wasn’t a copier anywhere that could out-smart Ben. 

Those little copier gremlins were no match and soon there was peace in the valley and smooth running copiers once again.